Award-winning videos

In 2007, our project and DVD film (Our footprint, Our Journey) won the International Visual Communication Association (IVCA) Clarion award. We are a winner in the Climate Change Communications.

This is what the judges said 'An inspiring example of how a small village can strive to be carbon neutral and, by helping tackle a global issue, can bring the local community closer together. This unassuming and honest communications campaign has inspired other communities across the country and internationally; Ashton Hayes has become a symbol for positive action on climate change'.

Since then our film maker, Steven Holland, has produced several short films that chronicle the project progress and the views if residents and other communities. The films are:

Our Footprint, Our Journey - 10 years on (online)

Our footprint, Our journey - the next steps (85Mb download)

Community responses to Climate change (100 Mb download)

Project summary video (2006-2010) (80Mb download)

A renwewable energy Microgrid for Ashton Hayes? (80Mb download)

You can also view the film that Inigo Gilmor's made about us for Live Earth 2007 entitled The Village Greened by clicking here. And a video clip of Graham Norton interviewing Garry Charnock and publican Barry Cooney.

If you would like a high resolution DVD containing all three films plus our Going Carbon Neutral Toolkit, please contact us.

We have also been featured recently in a short video at the launch of a new climate change charity, Leapfrog, that has adopted our project and is providing pro-bono professional support.

Oxfam also featured us in its video about Sahena from Bangladesh. She visited our primary school in 2008.

In November 2010 members of our partner community in Norway visited the village and made a series of interviews.

We are also making a short video animation about our microgrid - view


Steven Holland - our award winning film maker shows off his IVCA Clarion award.