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Ashton Hayes Community Energy CIC

Located in rural Cheshire, Ashton Hayes is a well knit community of about 1000 people that is aiming to become England's first carbon neutral community. We started our journey in January 2006 and since then we have already cut our carbon dioxide emissions significantly - by working together, sharing ideas and through behavioural change. We now have our community owned renewable energy company.

This website encapsulates our journey towards carbon neutrality and offers free advice and guidance. Please feel free to use anything from our website (we'd like a credit if you can).


Blacon wins Phase 1 LCCC funding, Ashton Hayes awaits Phase 2 decision

Congratulations to Ged Edwards and his team in Blacon for winning Phase 1 funding under the UK's Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) Low Carbon Communities Challenge. We are disappointed that the Ashton Hayes microgrid and green vehicle plan failed to secure DECC funds but hope we can secure the finance in Phase 2 of the programme in 2010.

We are now planning our project strategy for the coming years and will be announcing some changes in the New Year after consultatation with our volunteers.

Happy New Year to everyone!


Swedish radio pays us a visit

Left to right: Rebecca Handley, Katy Byrne, Harry Partington and Katie Barker are interviewed about their views on the enviroment by Swedish Radio journalist Johan Prane, at Ashton Hayes Primary School. Johan also chatted in the Golden Lion to visitors from Scottish Power (below) and other residents about our plans for the future.



Innovation award for Cheshire's Low-Carbon Visionaries? 

Cheshire’s 'Ginger Group' has been shortlisted for The Institute for Engineering and Technology (IET) 2009 Innovative Team Award [IET] for its work to develop “Vision 2050 – A Sustainable Future for Cheshire West and Chester” [V2050] document that sets out how local councils, businesses and communities can work together to reduce the County’s carbon footprint. The team has supported work in Ashton Hayes - read the full Press Release.


Nøtterøy starts Norway's first 'Going Carbon Neutral' project - with our support 

Last Tuesday (27 October) Prof. Roy Alexander, Kate Harrison and Garry Charnock went from Ashton Hayes to Nøtterøy in Norway to launch the country's first community 'going carbon neutral' project. The launch was planned using the Ashton Hayes toolkit and involved all aspects of the island community which is home to 20,000 people. Janet Gullvåg has been the inspiration behind the project with cross party support from the Mayor Roar Jonstang, the Town Council and Climate Group and local businesses (Jonathan Hall coordinator) and several schools. The British Ambassador also expressed his support for the initiative as it supports Norway's ideals of becoming a carbon neutral country by 2050.

The three day visit involved a series of presentations from the Ashton Hayes delegates, newspaper, radio and TV interviews. All expenses for the visit were kindly covered by the Town Council.

Ashton Hayes will be helping Nøtterøy to make a film about its journey and the Parish Council has twinned with the Nøtterøy Council on a carbon neutral basis.

Thanks to everyone in Nøtterøy for their fantastic hospitality.


Parish Council votes to apply for Low Carbon Communities Challenge funds

At last night’s Parish Council meeting we had a unanimous vote in favour of registering our interest in applying for capital funding as a ‘first mover’ community under the recently announced Low Carbon Communities Challenge 2010-2012. The Ashton Hayes Going Carbon Neutral Project team, an official sub group of the Parish Council, will lead the application in due course.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), is offering a total of £10m to 20 'beacon communities' that are in the forefront when it comes to fighting climate change. Each community will have the opportunity to obtain £500k towards captial expenditure on items such as renewable energy, retrofitting houses and electric car charging points. Full details on the fund can be found on DECC's website.