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Inspiring words encourage Natalie to cycle

Yesterday we had a lovely email from Natalie describing how our media coverage yesterday had inspired her into 'carbon neutral action'. Natalie has kindly allowed us to share her story...


Just wanted to share with you my morning thought processes. 

I had every intention of cycling to work this morning and was clad in my favourite lycra and Marmite top when Tom rings me to say that his train has been cancelled and can I take him to school. The bike is ready propped up against the garage and the panier is packed. It is 7:35 and he goes to school in Hartford. I leave Emily to fend for herself and dash out, annoyed that I will probably have to forgo my cycling treat even though I really know that the extra time it would take to shower and change at home and then drive round relentlessly in circles, looking for a parking space because it will be after 8:30, will probably more than match the increased journey time. It is also starting to rain!

And then, like a voice from heaven, you speak to me from the radio, espousing the benefits of small actions. So even though it was raining and 8:25 by the time I got home again, I cycled to work! And we are closer to becoming carbon neutral.

So thank you