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Ashton Hayes Community Energy CIC

Located in rural Cheshire, Ashton Hayes is a well knit community of about 1000 people that is aiming to become England's first carbon neutral community. We started our journey in January 2006 and since then we have already cut our carbon dioxide emissions by 23% - by working together, sharing ideas and through behavioural change. We are about to start work on our community owned renewable energy power station.

This website encapsulates our journey towards carbon neutrality and offers free advice and guidance. Please feel free to use anything from our website (we'd like a credit if you can).


Village wins LEAF grant from DECC

We are delighted to have been selected by DECC for funding under its LEAF programme. Well done to all the team especially Dr Mary Gillie and Ashton Hayes Community Energy Company. Thanks to the community shop and Parish Council and all who supported our bid. For more click here


Opening of new classrooms and PV at the Primary School

Children line up quietly and wait for Chester Mayor Eleanor Johnson (in red) to open the new low carbon classrooms built with CWAC funding and PV panels provided by the community. The school gets free green electricity when open with the village Community Power Company generating revenue from the surplus.



PV panels popular in the village

People across the village are taking advantage of the Feed in Tariffs and installing impressive PV arrays. Martin (left) & Jane Colville selected a 'black pinstripe' design for their array and are pleased with the generation and happy to 'do their bit' to make Ashton Hayes a more sustainable village. The Savil family have installed PVs on the barns (right)

The newly created Ashton Hayes Community Energy Company has also registered the PV arrays on the low carbon pavilion and primary school roofs and will use the FiTs income to invest in more sustainability projects in the village.


The community car - a video update

Thanks to the hard work of Greg Ambrose and Tom Ellis we are getting more sign ups to our community electric car, a Nissan Leaf. They have done a series of promotions around Ashton Hayes. But we still need more customers! Here is a video they have kindly made to explain our difficulties. Well done guys.


Highly Commended by IET

Sadly we did not win the Sustainability award at the IET event on 9 November but we did get a 'highly commended' and we were all pleased to have been finalists from over 40 project entries this year. Thanks to EA Technology for hosting the table.

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