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Ashton Hayes Community Energy CIC

Located in rural Cheshire, Ashton Hayes is a well knit community of about 1000 people that is aiming to become England's first carbon neutral community. We started our journey in January 2006 and since then we have already cut our carbon dioxide emissions by 23% - by working together, sharing ideas and through behavioural change. We are about to start work on our community owned renewable energy power station.

This website encapsulates our journey towards carbon neutrality and offers free advice and guidance. Please feel free to use anything from our website (we'd like a credit if you can).


Low carbon pavilion opens this sunday 3rd July, 3pm

Ashton Hayes Sports and Recreation Association has great pleasure in attaching the programme of events and a map for this Sunday’s formal opening, starting at 3pm, of the village’s recreational field, play area and low carbon pavilion. Links here for programme and map. Come and see our new Nissan Leaf too!


Ashton Hayes in 'Villages of Britain'

Country Life editor, Clive Aslet, has added Ashton Hayes to his latest book of the villages that make Britain. Here's what the Book People say.
"Villages of Britain" is the history of the countryside, told through five hundred of its most noteworthy settlements. Many of Britain's villages are known for their loveliness, of course, but their role in shaping the nation over the centuries is relatively untold, drowned out by the metropolitan bias of history. A consummate storyteller, Clive Aslet deftly weaves the worlds of agriculture, politics, the arts, industry, folklore, science, ecology, fashion and religion into one irresistible volume. It covers: the Bedfordshire works that a century ago manufactured half a billion bricks a year; the Cheshire municipality, striving to become the country's first carbon-neutral community; the Derbyshire estate where the cottages represent the gamut of European architecture; the Gloucestershire community founded by Tolstoyans...(more on website)... All these are places that have made a unique contribution to the narrative of this country. Follow Clive Aslet in visiting all five hundred villages, and you will have experienced the history of these islands from a uniquely rural perspective.


Official: Electric cars have lower carbon footprint

Paul Clark at the supports Ashton Hayes and has sent us this report...

Electric and hybrid cars create more carbon emissions during their production than standard vehicles – but are still greener overall, according to a new report.

The report highlights the increasing importance of accounting for whole life carbon emissions to compare the greenhouse gas emissions of low carbon vehicles. The report was prepared by Ricardofor, and in collaboration with, the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership (LowCVP) that includes major vehicle manufacturers and oil companies.

The study found that some of the CO2 savings made during the use of low carbon vehicles is offset by increased emissions created during their production, and to a lesser extent disposal. However, overall electric and hybrid vehicles still have lower carbon footprints than normal cars.

For example, a typical medium sized family car will create around 24 tonnes of CO2 during its life cycle, while an electric vehicle (EV) will produce around 18 tonnes over its life. For a battery EV, 46% of its total carbon footprint is generated at the factory, before it has travelled a single mile.


Project engineer's comment on our project

Here's what Peter Griffiths, our project engineer for our new low carbon sports pavillion, has to say about us....thanks Peter!

“Carbon neutrality is a subject much discussed by the well meaning, but often only acted upon by the few. My aim is to get on with actively doing something now, and it has been a pleasure to be involved with the people of Ashton Hayes who have actually achieved something which others only speak of. The construction of the new sports pavilion, and home for the community electric car has been a highlight and I am excited about its wider contribution to the Ashton Hayes Project.”

Peter Griffiths

PGA Management

Project Management in Carbon Efficient Construction and Community Projects


Helen Rimmer wins MBE Honour

Congratulations to our village postmistress, Helen Rimmer, who was awarded the honour of Member of the British Empire (MBE) on 11 June to mark the Queen's birthday. The well deserved award was given to Helen for her services to the community of Ashton Hayes, where she has been a stalwart of community activity for as long as we can all remember.