Our activities October 2013 onwards

This diary lists all our project related meetings since October 2013. For information on activities prior to this, please see "Diary May 2005 - September 2013"


September 2015 Activities

30 September 2015: Garry attends Pure Leapfrog Trustee meeting in London.

September 25th 2015: (Photo left) Kate Harrison gave a presentation about Ashton Hayes at the Community Energy event organised by Datblygiadau Egni Gwledig (DEG)  at Electric Mountain, Llanberis.  The event was hosted by a partnership between YnNi Padarn Peris, Community Energy Wales, Renew Wales and the Community Energy Fund.  There were delegates from across Wales, from England and even from Ireland.
Another speaker was Tom Parkinson from Energy Local a project in which Mary Gillie is involved.

For more see http://communityenergywales.org.uk/ynni-cymunedol-i-ble-nesa-community-energy-where-to-now/

3 September 2015: Garry attends Community Energy Contact Group meeting at DECC.





August activities

The project team have traditionally take August as a holiday, to give us time to recharge our batteries!


July activities

29 July 2015: Garry attends Pure Leapfrog Trustee meeting in London.

11 July 2015: Our Going Carbon Neutral project has a stand at the Ashton Hayes annual 'Picnic in the Park' on the recreation field from noon.

7 July 2015: Visit from Thailand by delegation represenring the "Designated Areas for Sustainable Tourism Administration (Public Organization)" or DASTA. We shall be welcoming Mr.Pornpol Noithammaraj, Mr.Chadchawan Muongpruan, Ms.Pavarat Kunkuamdee and Assoc.Prof. Ratnarin Nitisoravut (Consultant of our low carbon tourism project). They wish to share ideas on sustainability and find out more about our efforts to become a carbon neutral community.

6 July 2015: AHCEC Board meeting at 7.30pm in Ashton Hayes.


June activities

29 June 2015: Garry gives talk at CWAC conference on Community Energy at Trafford Hall and then attends Pure Leapfrog strategy meeting in London, as a Trustee of the Charity.

1 June 2015: AHCEC attends "MAGNA CARTA - Our Legal Right to a Healthy Environment" conference in London.


May activities

27 May 2015: Garry participates in Pure Leaprog trustee meeting.

22 May 2015: Meeting with Matt Hover at the primary school to discuss how we can help develop sustainable classrooms.

13 May 2015: Eight students from the University of C

hester arrive and set up base camp in the doctor's surgery and prepared for our End of Decade carbon footprint survey (right).


11 May. Visit by Peter Bulmer of CWAC to discuss information sharing and our Resilience Plan.

9 May 2015: Fact finding visit by members of the Cheshire and NW Geographical Society 10am to 1pm (3 Photos).

May 2015: Country Living magazine has produced a booklet entitled 'Find your dream home in the Country' that puts Ashton Hayes as the top place to live in the UK! http://www.countryliving.co.uk/. It says "A shining example of a village that gets things done, this is one of the UK's most dynamic and eco friendly places". Nice.

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